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Shallow water well at the Ogande school for mentally challenged children

Every day 156 children follow classes at the Ogande school for mentally challenged children. This school is located in an area that has a high water deficit. Until this day water is being moved to the school on a donkey cart, a costly and time-consuming process. Building a water well near this school would mean that pupils and teachers will get direct access to clean and safe drinking water. This would lead to better hygiene and health for the students as well as their teachers, this would lead to better learning performances. The day-to-day managing costs of the school will also drop significantly because the water will not have to be transported by donkeys any longer.

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Baby milk powder project for 2019

2019 is going to become a year that is not different than the previous ones when it comes down to baby milk powder. This powder is very important for the health and growth of a lot of the baby's that visit the Matata hospital each year.

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Orinde Secondary School is one of the emerging Mixed Secondary Schools upgraded from primary school. The school is located in Kojwach Location-Kabondo/kabondo Constituency, Homa Bay County. It has 400 students and running Secondary Education programs (Forms 1-4).

Though the government of Kenya supports some percentage (10%) of students’ maintenance, the support does not cover infrastructures development. The situation has left several Secondary schools in very poor infrastructural status, and therefore the responsibility is on the parents and local communities.

Currently the school has some old classrooms used while it was in the primary stage and no proper administrative block. With the increasing student’s population, it means the four available classrooms are no longer able hold 400 students comfortably. The classes are congested and therefore not healthy for learning environment.

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On successful implementation of the Matata Medical equipment and Instrument Project, we expect the following impacts:


  • Improved quality of health for clients who receive the hospital’s relevant services.
  • Reduced cost of treatment for the local communities who would been going far away to medical facilities seeking for the same services.
  • Increased patients flow into the hospital with the potential of increased income for the hospital.
  • Reduced referral cases for patients to other hospitals, hence life will saved.
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Building a new dispensary for Kosele community 2017

The problem being addressed is the ill health situation of the Kosele community and their inability to access quality health care services conveniently and within their reach for improved quality of life.

This project therefore request funds for the building of a community Dispensary able to provide sustainable curative and preventive health services for the Kosele Community in Central Kasipul Ward. When completed, the dispensary targets a total population of 11,256 people with sustainable health services within their reach.


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God Ber Primary School Infrastructures Renovation

God Ber is an old school which was started in the early 1960s. Since then not much has been done being that school development was turned to the community which by any means cannot immediately improve on the school physical infrastructures. The available classrooms are old and depleted and are overcrowded. The number of pupils (788) is beyond the current available classrooms (8), and therefore no effective learning can take place in such a situation. The situation is so vulnerable to any suspected airborne diseases that might break up. Neither can personalized teacher-pupil learning take place because of over rowdiness.

Further, sanitation situation is equally poor where averagely 389 boys share a three door pit latrine and 399 girls share five door pit latrines. Such conditions make it difficult to maintain proper hygiene and therefore vulnerable to the spread of sanitation related infections. Pupils take long hours attending the calls with equal loss in learning hours. They have to queue to enable them go through all calling process and makes it difficult to recover lost learning hours.

It is therefore with these problems; depleted classroom buildings, overcrowded classes and poor sanitation systems that the Matata Foundation is applying for the support for the renovation of God Ber Primary School.

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Pediatrics Operating Equipment Project 2016

Matata Pediatrics Wards are some of the wards which were built several years ago. With changing medical and health environment, there is need to have adequate Pediatrics Surgical Equipment.

The hospital would therefore need Kshs. 451,500.

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Finished projects



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