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Report of the working visit to Matata Hospital by two Foundation board members from 31 January-5 February 2009

Posted on 03/03/2009


Report of the working visit to Matata Hospital by two Foundation board members from 31 January-5 February 2009




The Matata Hospital


After an intensive preparation and a long flight we were welcomed at the Kisumu airport by Dr John Malago, head of the Matata hospital.


It’s a happy reunion before we drive straight to Oyugis where install ourselves in the guesthouse of Matata hospital.


Onze slaapkamer
Our bedroom


The next day Dr Malago introduced us with his staff and we were shown around the hospital.
The Matata Hospital is a private hospital with 60 beds, 30 beds for the child and maternity department included. The hospital has a regional function in the Nyanza Province in western Kenya, the poorest part of Kenya.


The clinic for mother and child care plays an important role with regard to HIV positive pregnant mothers. Here, information and instruction will be given, and AIDS restraining drugs distributed to prevent the HIV virus being transmitted to the unborn babies.

Both the voluntary testing for the HIV virus, counselling and infant care are conducted in this crowded clinic. Often the mothers with their babies have to wait a long time in the open air.


Infant care


This year, the Matata Foundation would like to raise funds for an integrated mother-child clinic. This is a great desire of Dr Malago.

In such a new clinic, a more efficient care and more privacy might be offered to HIV-infected mothers and their children.
The total cost of the construction amounts € 17,606.00.




Currently, the Matata hospital registered 400 patients in the inlands, which are provided with ARV (anti-retroviral drugs) and vitamin pills.


General information


In the Nyanza province live the Luo people, the third largest tribe in Kenya. Close to Lake Victoria, Luo mainly earn a living by fishing, including tilapia; in the rural areas they grow maize, rice and beans. The people are poor or very poor.


The Matata hospital focuses on the following medical services:


- Mother and child care;

- Voluntary counselling and testing on HIV / AIDS in Matata, in the interior and in schools;

- Family planning;

- Education and training of volunteers for HIV / AIDS prevention in rural communities

- Basic health services.


tweede auto
The second car


Compared to 2006, what progress has been found by the Matata Foundation in the hospital?


- Since 2007 the hospital expanded with a gynaecologist, who is also a general surgeon;

- The establishment of a surgery department, where in average two to three caesarean sections per week are performed, and minor general surgical procedures;

- Through the donation of both cars, basic health care, maternal and child care and the voluntary testing of HIV / AIDS were considerably expanded in the wide region;

-Instruction of volunteers for HIV / AIDS prevention has started;

- The children’s department of the Matata Hospital has been optimised, the new kitchen and the wastewater treatment plant are constructed.


Eerste auto
The first car


Dr Malago has asked us to very much thank everyone, who made donations to the Matata hospital.


All costs of this trip were paid by Hanne and Jacqueline themselves.


Much more money is needed at Matata Hospital. Your contributions are very, very welcome. You can transfer money by wire or via the internet, see our homepage. Stichting Matata Children Hospital Kenya
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