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New treasurer Ad Festen will visit the Matata Hospital from 16-22 October 2009

Posted on 30/08/2009

My first introduction to Kenya was in 1973 when I visited a small clinic at a mission station near Eldoret. The clinic was run by nuns and volunteers, an impressive experience.
Ever since, development projects in third world countries have been at my heart, especially small-scale projects where no money sticks to the fingers. The Matata Children’s Hospital Kenya Foundation showed to correspond with my ideas.

Being asked to join the Foundation board as Treasurer, I didn’t hesitate to approve.
From October 16 till 22, I’ll visit the Matata Hospital in combination with another journey, all at my own expenses.

I look forward to get acquainted with the work of Dr John Malago and his people.


Ad Festen



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