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Working visit to the Matata Hospital by Ad Festen Visit (Foundation board member)

Working visit to the Matata Hospital by Ad Festen Visit (Foundation board member)

From October 16 to 20, I, prior to a tour of South Africa, visited the Matata Children’s Hospital in Oyugis.


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Warm and friendly welcomed by John Malago and his wife Benta, I made a tour of the hospital and was introduced to the staff. During my stay I extensively visited all departments of the hospital.
For the children's department I brought colouring books, pencils, flags and balloons.



I also visited the dispensaries in Kimonge, God Ber and Angino and the mobile outreach Nyawango. Once a month these sites are visited by a mobile unit of the hospital. Information on HIV prevention is given and medications are provided. In addition, there is limited medical examination.




The highlight of my visit was the official opening of the mother and child clinic, fully paid by our Foundation. Here, pregnant women are tested for HIV / AIDS; they receive advice and are provided with AIDS drugs. The clinic actually functions as a mother and child health centre.




I am very impressed with how John Malago manages the hospital. I have spoken extensively with the auditor of the hospital and had access to the financial records. I can only conclude that the donations we provide are deployed very effectively. Each euro directly received from the Netherlands is used to improve the medical care by the hospital. There is literally no money that sticks to the fingers.


The expenses incurred by Foundation board members (including my travel and accommodation costs) are on their own account and will not be borne by the Foundation.



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