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Resignation of Board members Hanne Hulshuizen-Verdonk and Ad Festen, appointment of new Board members Juliette Zwijnenburg, Ron Wood and Wopke Veenstra

December 31, 2013, Mrs Hanne Hulshuizen-Verdonk will leave the Matata Foundation Board. Taking office for PR and fund raising, she announced it to be for five years. Turning 65 now, she wants to find time for other things in her life.


All these years, Hanne has selflessly committed herself for seriously ill children in the Matata Hospital and for mothers and children in Rachuonyo District region. She has brought many personal visits to all the Matata Foundation projects in Kenya. Furthermore Hanne wrote press releases and the Matata website texts, organized fund raising and took minutes of the board meetings. All this, she did with great devotion and perfection.


Hanne will be replaced by Mr Ron Bos, business consultant and private budget manager, and currently a member of the Matata Foundation Recommendation Committee. From January 1, 2014, Ron will join the Foundation Board.


From the start, Ron has been warmly and actively involved with the Matata Foundation, mediating donations to the Matata Hospital by his medical firms.


Dr John Malago, his team and the board of the Matata Foundation are grateful to Hanne for her perfect unbridled commitment and enthusiasm and wish her ​​all the best for the future.


Ad Festen, treasurer of the Matata Foundation, also indicated to resign by December 31, partly also, considering his age. Ad performed for years as treasurer with passion and perfection. Ad made ​​up the annual reports and accounts. During the working visits to the Matata projects in Kenya, he showed to be a great photographer. His photos have been used in the reports and on the Matata website.


Ad took care of the transfers of funds from donors to NGO Matata in Kenya. In addition, Ad did the bookkeeping. He has voluntarily offered to finish his work with the Annual Report and Accounts 2013 in June 2014.


We thank Ad very much for his commitment and his financial advice, and wish him all the best for a good future with nice trips.


Wopke Veenstra studied Social Geography and is Information provision manager at Radboud University Nijmegen. As of January 1, 2014 he will succeed Ad Festen in the position of treasurer.


As of January 1, Juliette Zwijnenburg will join the board. Juliette studied Cultural Anthropology and Andragogy and is employed as a manager at the ROC A12 - college for secondary vocational education and training - in Ede, NL. Her special focus will be the five-year strategy.


With the new members, the Board hopes to continue the efforts of Hanne and Ad for the Matata Foundation.


In the years ahead, the new board is engaged to realize the projects below in cooperation with Dr Malago and his team:


1) Raise funds for 14 maternity beds for the new Maternity Ward € 14,000


2) Raise funds for Emergency Room staff training € 6,026


3) Provide hospital and dispensary staff training in order to improve quality and sustainability of health care. The multi-year programme in collaboration with Impulsis and an anonymous donor adds up to a total of € 44,017


4) Raise funds for the milk powder supply to the babies in the Matata Hospital and medical clinics in the region. An anonymous donor already pledged the budgeted amount of € 9,665 for the hospital supply. The next Christmas letter asks for a contribution for the baby milk powder in the clinics where € 4,833 is needed.


5) In 2014, we seek to build two water wells in the region of the Matata Hospital. These communities are deprived of safe and clean drinking water which is a life necessity. The availability of wells prevents diseases.


6) In 2014, we strive to build a new medical clinic in the region with 24/7 primary health care services. Currently, only once a month drugs can be dispended and HIV/Aids prevention practised in the remote village areas with the Haarlem Red Cross Car.


7) The board will develop a five year strategy for policies, projects, protocols and programmes.


We express the hope that you, as a visitor of the Matata website, as a donor or prospective donor would like to help realize these projects for the mothers and their babies to have a better future.


The Board of the Matata Children’s Hospital Kenya Foundation


Jacqueline van Hoorn, chairwoman.


December 2013



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